Surround yourself with a Team

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Support for Foster and Adoptive Families

Those engaging in the lives of vulnerable children through Foster Care or Adoption should be highly encouraged to surround themselves with an immediate group of individuals who will be on the front lines of supporting each family.  During the waiting process of  fostering or adoption is the best time to recruit your support system.


The first layer of your support network consists of a team of 3-5 individuals or families who prayerfully make a commitment to journey with the foster or adoptive family.  This layer of support is a close network of trusted friends and families who you are choosing to invite into your journey.  The Core Team for each family may be asked to undergo training or submit credentials (ex. background check, CPR.First Aid, FBI fingerprints). There are cases where foster care and adoptive families may not have a core team of friends or family.  Your local church should make connections and help each family develop a Core Team.  Some of these people may come from your church small group or community group.


The second layer of support is Small Group or Community Group Support.  We highly encourage each foster/adoptive family to be a part of a church small group or community group. They will be your Resource team.  They will be surround you and your family throughout your journey.  They will be your cheerleading/encouraging team.    


Your third layer of support is your church orphan care ministry team; they will come alongside you to connect, support and equip you along your journey.

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